Roskilde University Election

Starting in October, students at Roskilde University can vote for student representatives for the university's various organs. Frit Forum Roskilde encourages all students, both Danish and international to vote. Written below is a list Frit Forum Roskilde's key issues.

Increased Quota 2 Admission

Frit Forum wishes to work for a more qualified admission process. Increased quota 2 admission will ensure that RUC becomes the university for those with qualifications and motivation for the problem-oriented project work.

Podcast Lectures

Frit Forum requests that all our lectures are to be podcasted. Complimentary to our readings, podcasts are to be a useful tool in our preparation for exams. Podcasted lectures are an important step towards a digital and flexible education.

Study Hall in Copenhagen

Year after year Roskilde University claims last place in surveys on study environment. Frit Forum will not stand by as this trend continues. We wish to ensure that students have a study hall centrally located in Copenhagen to strengthen the community among students.

About Frit Forum

Frit Forum (Free Forum) is an organization composed of students of higher educational institutions. The main goal of the organization is to gather students with an interest in politics and their society for debates and other activities.

Frit Forum Roskilde is the local organisation at Roskilde University.
The International environment at Roskilde University is important to Frit Forum. Everyone has a responsibility to improve the integration of foreign students at our university. Frit Forum aims to a have a number of events targeted at the international community each semester.

Please feel free to submit ideas for events on ZnJpdGZvcnVtcnVjQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==

Contact information

Office at RUC:

You are always very welcome to stop by our office at RUC-campus. It is in building 01.1-023, if you have any questions, wants to become a member or have some ideas for events just show up. The building is marked with a red circle at the picture down the page.

E-mail or telephone:

You are always very welcome to contact us by e-mail: ZnJpdGZvcnVtcnVjQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ== or you can call our chairman Pernille van Kleef at 0045 6161 7220.


If you want to get information about Frit Forum Roskilde’s activities please write an email toZnJpdGZvcnVtcnVjQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==.