Frit Forum - Socialdemokratiske Studerende (Free Forum - Social Democratic Students)

Frit Forum is an organisation composed of students at higher educations, who gather around Social Democratic values. The main goal of the organisation is to gather students with an interest in politics and their society for debates and other activities.


Political debate

The most important element of Frit Forum is political debate. We discuss a wide range of issues – ranging from student affairs, the welfare state, the European Union and international affairs. Frit Forum is founded on Social Democratic values. However, we do not have to agree upon all aspects of these exact values. Furthermore we don’t have to agree upon the policies of the Social Democratic Party and therefore room always exists for different opinions. According to the members of Frit Forum the debate in itself is of the outmost importance. It is through debate and discussion that one has the opportunity of trying one’s own arguments and widening one’s horizon.

The departments of Frit Forum

Frit Forum consist of five local departments. These are Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Roskilde. All of these local departments are connected to institutions of higher education. The headboard of Frit Forum consists of the chairman and the vice chairman of each of the local departments, and the headboard makes decisions on majority votes. Despite being a united organisation with a common set of values differences between the local departments and their activities exists. The local departments are independent and decide for themselves the range and content of activities.

Meetings in Frit Forum

The meetings in Frit Forum are typically based on an invited speaker. This person could be a politician, civil servant, researcher, journalist or anyone else with interesting views on society. It is important to stress that these persons may be from different political parties and have different points of views – even views which are dichotomously different from the core values of Frit Forum. This principle is important in creating thriving debates.  After each presentation participants are invited to pose further questions and discuss the specific issues with the speaker. All meetings in Frit Forum are open for all who are interested and are free of charge.
Study groups and Committees
Frit Forum contains several debate groups, both within the local departments and across these. The groups discuss and plan events concerning issues, which interests them. Examples of these are; a Student Affairs Committee (university politics), a historical society, an International Committee, an equal rights network etc.


Frit Forum is a large contributor to the magazine Vision, which seeks to create a foundation for political debate with real content. Vision will be one of the most important elements of tomorrow’s politics for the centre-left of Denmark.


Every year Frit Forum travels abroad for a study trip. Here we visit international organisations, businesses, universities and political parties and movements. The study trips facilitate on the one hand a high academic level in discussions and on the other hand the opportunity for members of all local departments to meet. Examples of earlier trips are Brussels (we visit the European Parliament every second year) and Istanbul.


Every year Frit Forum arranges a cross-department conference. These conferences are an intense platform for 2-3 days of debate and sharing of ideas.

Social Activities

In addition to a high academic level, Frit Forum is a great place to be and meet new friends. We have many activities such as parties, concerts, visits to the theatre and cinema etc.

Frit Forum – an atypical organisation

Frit Forum is not a traditional political youth organisation. The aim is to debate and engage students in politics and their society – why we do not spend time on passing resolutions. Furthermore, the organisation has no president or chairman. No one may speak on behalf of the organisation regarding political issues. This is for the members themselves or the local departments to decide. An important exception is student affairs and politics at the universities. All organisational decisions are taken by the headboard (Studenter Sekretariatet) consisting of local chairmen and vice-chairmen. The headboard has a so-called contactperson and a vice-contactperson leading the meetings etc. The day-to-day work and coordination in Frit Forum is assisted by our organisational part-time employee.

Frit Forum is a member based organisation. All members of Frit Form must be less than 30 years of age. Everyone can, however, be registered supporters of Frit Forum. The yearly fee for both categories is around 20 Euro. Frit Forum is organisationally a part of the Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU). This means that registration of new members and organisational affairs to a large extent is managed by the DSU. However, in everyday life Frit Forum and DSU are separate organisations with different goals.

Frit Forum is founded on Social Democratic values. This, however, does not mean that we are part of the Social Democratic Party. From time to time we cooperate with them and try to influence them. Many of the members of Frit Forum also hold membership of the Social Democratic Party but this is not a demand.
In addition to the annual fee from the members, Frit Forum receives subsidies from the Danish Youth Council (DUF). This is the case for all Danish organisations of a certain size not related to sports.

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